The beach sessions

when a family books my beach sessions, the first thing i do is send them the
time of the session and location. i always mention "the golden hour". for anyone
who isn't a photographer, that would be 45 mins-1 hour before sunset.
this magical time of night is when the soft glow of the sun is still
bright enough to shoot on the beach, but starts to fade enough so that
you are not squinting in the sunlight or having harsh, dark shadows across your face. trust me, nobody wants those photos if you can help it!
one of the reasons that my beach portfolio of work is so different from
other photographers in my area is that i am able to keep color in your photos.
now i know this may sound so simple, but trust me its not. to be able to 
keep your skies blue, water looking fresh, and the pop! of colors in your outfit, 
it takes years of experience plus a lot of post-shoot editing. 
my work is very light, bright and crisp, but i love color! 
the great thing about photography is that there are many different styles.
what keeps my clients coming back (thankfully! im so blessed!) year after year
is that i make sure that the endless back-and-forth decision making on the 
clothes you have chose will be featured, and that i will "clean" backgrounds
as much as i can. im blessed that i live in a tourist destination, but o do not need them in your photos! beach photography is my passion and nothing makes me happier than my toes in the sand, up to my hips in the waves, and chasing
your kiddos down the beach for those endless, sandy-hand giggles!
the beach is magic and it's a place where all memories can be created!