hey there!

I'm maggie!

I graduated college with a B.A. degree in Fashion & Retail Management and Marketing. During my college years, I interned with amazing apparel companies and behind-the-scenes at Philadelphia Style magazine.
While in college, I took a couple photography and editing courses for fun and this is where I started doing it as a hobby. 

In 2010, my oldest son Riley was born and I was having a hard time finding a portrait studio that would allow me to bring 2 suitcases of props and clothes to create the ideas in my head. I was unhappy with the lack of creativity in children's portraits and at the same time, I was following local photographers on social media. I kept thinking, "If they can do it, why can't I?". I officially launched my business in 2012 and welcomed my second son, Zackary, in 2013. My children have become two of the biggest influences in my work. They keep my creativity alive daily and their personalities definitely reflect a lot of their own portraits. When I see both of them drawing, painting and being super creative, I know that it not just be genetic, but that I am also influencing them on hard work, determination and to always be yourself.

Since I began this career as a photographer, I know that my work has changed dramatically, and always for the better. I know that my hopes and goals are to give my clients unique portraits with real color, a mix of posed and candid, and with amazing quality. There is nothing I love more than to style! I get a ton of weekly emails with so many questions about what a client should wear, where to shop, and more! With a fashion degree background and 17 years of retail experience (childrenswear and tween/young adult), I am very aware of trends, styles, colors, and what looks best depending upon the client, the season, location and more! I truly believe my addiction to British design, magazine layouts, luxury kids apparel and whimsical colors inspire and influence my work.

Although my busiest season is summer (naturally living at the beach!), I absolutely love the changes of seasons and being able to venture outside of the sandy areas and to the nearby parks, towns, cities, and even Walt Disney World (twice a year!). I love traveling and finding unique spots hidden away from a crowd. I photograph all year round and find myself very lucky to live moments away from some of the best areas on the East Coast. 

My favorite kids in our favorite place on Earth (2019)




2023 destinations!

san diego, california


charleston, south carolina

seattle, washington

the bucket list

london, england

venice, italy

sydney, australia

NAPA valley, california

nashville, tennessee

paris, france

tokyo, japan

disney's california adventure