No moment repeats itself...and you need to capture it while you can.

This journey through photography has been the most incredible and rewarding experience of my life. this business was built because i needed a way to create my photo ideas in front of a camera with my oldest son. A local chain studio refused to budge when i rolled up with riley in a stroller, with a suitcase of outfits and props. I was quickly told "no," and what was allowed. 
i knew there had to be a solution and a way that
 i could achieve quality images with my taste and style for kids fashion.

i bought my first digi-camera and i practiced. over and over. my friends let me borrow their kids and so forth. quickly, my social marketing skills started attracting local people who asked for photos of their kids. suddenly a hobby became a business, and inquiries for beach portraits, weddings, engagements, and more started expanding my skills, and now two (soon to be four) brands have grown like crazy. 

i tell everyone that chaos is my jam. as a boy mama, i am used to patience, laughter, loudness, and kids doing the unexpected. im your stress free new bestie to entertain and photograph your kids so that you can relax and soak in the moments! 

“You don’t have time to be timid. You must be bold and daring.”.— Lumière,
Beauty and the Beast.

i graduated from the art institute of pittsburgh with a bachelor's degree in fashion/retail management and marketing, and an associate's degree in visual merchandising. I recently completed my master's degree from nyu in journalism.
i took photography and editing-software classes in college as electives and fell in love with all things editorial when i interned at philadelphia style magazine.
i started working in upper management for clothing companies in the north-east region at age 19 and had a successful career, reaching area/district levels, while building my family. after having both of my boys, i realized i needed a schedule that didn't include so much traveling and working holidays, so i started a new career path in business management/human resources, and i absolutely love my team. 

i grew up in florida, surrounded by palm trees and disney, while cutting out clothes for my paper dolls from copies of "vogue" and "harper's bazaar", because the basic paper clothes were ugly and boring. my artsy mother let me paint my walls "extreme"-glossy hot pink, puffy-paint and bedazzle tshirts, and always provided me with fresh paints and paper. i've always been creative, always inspired by clothes and fashion, and most of my ideas for my clients are influenced by current trends and fashion shows in the industry. 

i spend hours finding props and accessories that are not local or mainstreamed. i love a good baseball cap and sneakers (usually wearing my go-to veja's). blazers, sunglasses, and a smile can make any basic outfit better. my favorite colors are glossy black and ballet-slipper pink (i'm very specific). i'm a total gemini. i love a good ebay find of vintae disney pieces. i'm a romantic, and a sucker for all musicals, theatre, and broadway shows. nyc is my inner self, but i can't imagine not living near the salt water and sand. i'm definitely a city-soul at the beach. 

i live on coffee. i'm pescatarian. i love sunsets and sitting on the water having dinner. i love rollercoasters and all the thrill rides. i'm also a huge star wars and lego nerd, and have disney/star wars tattoos. i love to paint, sketch, color, and have won college level art fairs. i'm maggie, and it's nice to "meet" you! 

GO-To Coffee Order: 

favorite THING i ever ate:

dream career: 

tv show to binge on repeat:

morning routine:

favorite outfit:

what's a relaxing day look like?

travel bucket list:

Sports team: 

daily Starbucks! iced grande, sugar-free vanilla americano with a splash of oatmilk

I will never stop dreaming and talking about Space220's carrot cake. It's the best dessert
I have ever had in my life. 

already living my dream (photographer) but as a child I was convinced I would be an animator for the Walt Disney Company

Scandal, Downton Abbey,
and Little House on the Prairie

4:30am alarm, check emails, drink water/lemon, shower, protein shake, drive to work with my daily stop at Starbucks, fix makeup in the car

blazer, t-shirt, skinny jeans (sorry, I still love them!), flats/sneakers, bangles, hoops, and my go-to tote

no alarm, entire day at the pool with a good book, that shower after a day in the sun, dinner out on a deck, and ending with ice cream

London, Paris, Rome, Thailand

Go BIRDS! Eagles, baby! Phillies, and I'm actually a TB Lightning/NY Rangers fan for hockey!