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I started my photography journey over seven years ago, although I have been snapping photos since 1992 with my first Polaroid. I started All Dolled Up Photography because I was not able to get my visions of what I wanted for my son's portraits at a local mall studio. I knew I would be able to make my dream shoots happen in my own home so I invested in my first dslr camera, lighting and gear and made my son's photoshoots exactly how I wanted. Friends asked me to do the same for their children and eventually a hobby became a second career and a business. In 2012 I established All Dolled Up Photography and with every passing year, my client list grows and my business expanded into beach weddings and brand/apparel photography. My business is influenced with my background in fashion management + marketing, including children's apparel. Although I do love a classic black and white photo, it's giving my clients' portraits that pop of color that makes me excited. I am a retail manager for a clothing company so being able to know trends, styles and seasonal colors helps me design and plan the best sessions for clients. I wouldn't have any of the above if it weren't for my two joys, my sons Riley, 9 and Zackary (Binx) 5. They are my passion, my pride and joy and my muses.
 I don't do headshots, I'm a selfie queen with my kids.

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When clients ask me if I have children and I tell them "yes", they always respond that I must have the BEST portraits of my kids. Here's the honest truth y'all....us photographers have the hardest time capturing our own kids. Clients are a dream come true but once in awhile our kids may let us get close enough with a camera. The most important thing that I have learned as a mom is to capture the moment. Don't live behind a camera, don't keep an iPhone in your hand. Take a photo. Save that photo. PRINT that photo. But live in these moments. Also, sometimes the outtakes of a session are THE best photos. You can dress your kids in matching outfits, you can plead and bribe, but the best photos are the ones where kids are being themselves, no matter the age or size. This photo is one of my favorites of my oldest...where I was about to put away my camera because flapping like a seagull was way more fun than posing. This is my constant reminder to let them be kids. Embrace them, their personalities and what makes them so special. The biggest advice I give my clients is to make sure they save their image files on multiple USB drives or hard drives. Computers are always being updated and you never want to lose your memories. Have multiple backups, but also, print. Print your favorite images, hang them on your walls and make your home a "home". Prints, canvases and products are the best way of cherishing your memories and also displaying them is so inviting and comforting for guests. 

Capture every moment.
save every moment. 
print every moment.

To the mamas + the papas...