my favorite holiday is halloween. growing up, i would spend
hours trying to decide on the best costume, while painting pumpkins and watching "double double, toil and trouble" on repeat, because well, the olsen twins were my idols (still are). when hocus pocus debuted on tv, i was in second grade
and i was instantly hooked. this movie is in my top 10 of all time favorites, regardless of it being a seasonal "must-watch". i lived in florida, where the seasons go from hot to 
hotter, and i never got to see leaves change into beautiful
shades of oranges and reds (and no snow of course!). from the makeup, to the sassy attitudes, i wanted to be dani dennison, red lipstick and all. i wanted a black cat named
binx, a cool older brother, the works. from the second i became a mother, hocus pocus plays on a constant loop in our house. in fact, my youngest son is named zackary, because "thackery" was booed by both families. his nickname binx has stuck since birth and my kids love halloween as much as i do! for three years i have been dying to do a hocus pocus styled session and this year i knew i had to celebrate my lucky #7 year of business with a sassy, magical, sanderson shoot. these children were amazing! after months of ebay costume searches, website buys, and planning the details with parents and a great mua, i couldnt be more happy with the images i captured. enjoy! xo 


My style...

I am a digital photographer, specializing in natural light photography. I love clean and bright photography while enhancing photographs with a pop of color. Sea shades of ocean waves, warm fall leaves + glitter tutus make my heart burst. I love a classic black + white photograph, but it's the burst of color that makes my work unique.