The bloom Family

we are officially counting down the last couple weeks
of summer, and i cannot believe how fast this season
is going! so many families, kids, couples. I am so blessed 
for all the amazing new families, kids and couples i have
met this summer, and its also so rewarding to get
to see my favorite past families again, year after year.
its a treat to see how much children have grown and 
to see what was once toothless smiles, now filled. this beautiful trio of daughters are new to the all dolled up
family, and it was a delight meeting such lovely little ladies
with the best manners, smiles and laughs! mom and dad
are so kind and you can see and feel the love of 
the entire family, from the beginning to the last goodbye wave.
tropical prints adorned their outfits which were 
perfect for the sea. the sweetest smiles lasted 
the entire night and it was truly a fun and rewarding evening
being in the company of such a lovely family.

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I am a digital photographer, specializing in natural light photography. I love clean and bright photography while enhancing photographs with a pop of color. Sea shades of ocean waves, warm fall leaves + glitter tutus make my heart burst. I love a classic black + white photograph, but it's the burst of color that makes my work unique.