Sweet Treats For You and Your Littles!



Hey everyone!

I am super excited for this post, which is to launch and start my focus for 2020, which is all about the shops + clothing that I absolutely adore and love to purchase for my brand shoots, styled sessions and more! I get a ton of questions and emails about outfits and props that I use and well, now is the time to share! Since it’s almost Valentine’s Day, I felt that I would start off the new year with this blog post, featuring some of my favorite small brands and stores and their best merch for the holiday!

I am obsessed with these amazing suitcases from Meri Meri. I purchased several for an upcoming shoot and they are sturdy and perfect for a quick trip or storage for those millions of Barbie shoes laying around your house. One of my favorite people on this planet is currently pregnant with her first baby (a girl!) so in my gift bags, all ready for her shower, is the heart printed round blanket by White Fox + Co. It’s sold on many small biz websites but two of my favorites are Garmentory.com and DesignLifeKids.com. The blanket is featured in these shops and SO MUCH MORE! I am such a fan of heart-printed anything (esp. sweaters!) so this blog post was a lot of fun cultivating some of my favorite things this month! Do you have a favorite outfit for Valentine’s Day? Comment below with your favorite item and shop!

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