Counting down the days till fall….

I don’t know about all of you, but I am SO craving fall. Ah, the crunchy leaves, cool breezes, cinnamon apple EVERYTHING (sorry, not a “pumpkin spice” kind of gal, I know, shocking!), and of course my favorite holiday, Halloween! I am such a fan of dressing up, taking my kids trick or treating and watching Hocus Pocus on repeat for weeks, although I tend to watch it all year round since it’s one of my favorite movies ever! The second my summer calendar starts to wind down, I start planning my fall sessions. So here in the lovely state of Delaware, it’s hot till November. I mean, our kids wear shorts to school until Thanksgiving and the heat tends to kill the already-dying trees so we don’t get to see some of those insanely beautiful golds and red leaves like our friends do in New England or in the mountains of Pennsylvania. In fact, when everyone thinks it’s time to plan fall photos, it’s usually freezing and we are prepped for Christmas! The great thing about my fall sessions is that they start in September! Yup! Get your best denim and plaids on y’all because I absolutely am READY.

So my fall sessions are some of most personal favorite because I do put a ton of heart and soul (and hours!) into editing these sessions. I hand edit all my photos all year round but I do put a ton of extra time into these because a lot of the end results is due to post-photo session, meaning I fake the beautiful shades of color you see in these photos. I can make leaves gold, beautiful shades or red and orange, and change the temperature to enhance your photos for those beautiful “fall” images while it’s still warm outside. It’s pretty perfect right? And if you are like me, most of the time these fall photos end up being my holiday card photo choices which takes care of that daunting task early, so there’s more time to trim the trees and sip the cocoa with peppermint sprinkles. My fall sessions can be booked two ways: a full family collection, meaning that we devote at least 45 minutes into capturing your family in a beautiful fall location (chosen together but not shared to the public so that your privacy and images are magic!) and gives you the time for individual portraits of your children, shots of siblings together, of course the entire family, and doing something fun, such as sipping cider on blankets in the leaves, or walking around downtown on fun brick paths with pumpkins. The other way you can book these sessions is by signing up for my mini sessions. Mini sessions are very quick, easy photographs. Mini sessions are designed for families on the go, budget friendly, and simple. These have less “planning” but just as special and of course edited to fall delight. I have two dates for mini sessions. I shoot in Lewes, De on 10/6/19 and I will be in NJ at the end of October, date TBA. I only allow a certain amount of slots open on these dates since they go fast and of course, the sun does set a whole lot earlier than summertime. Also…mini sessions are great for engagement photos, couples photos, and even pet photography! Bring Fido in his best costume! Super fun and adorable. I will be offering a ONE DAY ONLY themed styled session for kids in October as well, working with Tutu Du Monde luxury child apparel (fall tutus with props). More details on this coming soon!

If you want to jump ahead of the game and grab your mini session spot, please head over to: and choose Fall Minis to save your spot. 8 available. A second date may be added based upon sell-through. Enjoy some peeks into past fall sessions! I cannot wait to see all of you again this Autumn!




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