Mini Sessions 2019! Upcoming Dates + Events

I am so excited to be announcing 2019’s dates for Mini Sessions. These are special dates exclusively for All Dolled Up Photography. These dates are announced for a couple of reasons. 1. Parents email me daily asking for mini session prices or dates and 2. These are so much fun for the kids, without jeopardizing their attention span. Let’s be real folks, after 20 minutes, MOST kids are completely DONE. These mini sessions allow kids to have fun dressing up, exploring new settings, and so that I can capture the childhood moments and smiles naturally, without poor mom and dad having to spend more money on more bribes—see guys, saving you more money! (LOL). All kidding aside, I love doing these shoots because it allows me to get my creative juices flowing and put together props and more to make fun, one of a kind portraits that your kids will love doing AND you will be able to fill up those empty frames sitting around your house. Mini sessions typically run 20 minutes (sometimes 30 for holidays) and include digital files. I edit the best completely and let you choose which digitals/photos you want, and if you want to purchase more than what’s included in your mini package, it’s totally easy! add files and prints to your cart! super simple!

This year’s Mini Sessions are going to be themed based on emails, polls, requests and a couple of surveys I sent to some clients over the winter. I chose based on trends, popularity, ages of children, gender neutral options and also because I am located at the beach.

June 9, 2019: Princesses and Magic: this session is for any child/adult who wants to come dressed up as their favorite Disney princess/character on the beach. I had requests for “Moana” themed minis but chose to make it a broader set (I’m all about warrior of the seas but I think Ariel sitting in the sand or Merida with her bow and arrow can be just as amazing). If you can let me know in advance what “character” or color costume/outfit your child will be wearing, I will be able to bring some props or ideas to the table for these as well.

June 30, 2019: Celebrate the USA! Red. White. Blue. Americana. Come in your denim and favorite flag/American style ensembles and pose with classic treats such as retro Coke bottles, Red Rocket popsicles, red sunglasses and mini flags! Bring the whole family, pets and more! These are NOT just for the kiddos.

July 14th, 2019: Watermelon Smash. Picnic style, box crates, watermelons and more! The set will be in a grassy area with slices for the kids with other watermelon/fruit themed props that highlight the spirit of summer! I recommend this for 1 year olds and up, unless your 8-11 month old is able to sit up on their own. It’s real food and most babies cannot eat the fruit or will just be throwing it. Recommended attire: denim, reds, tied up white shirts, pink smocking dresses, pinks/reds/greens. I will be POPPING color for these sessions! (no patterns or cartoon graphics, these can be distracting in images).

July 21, 2019: Unicorns and Rainbows. First, I want to say thank you to the seven moms who said that their kids would love a “Jo-Jo Siwa” themed photo session. While I totally love that this once-Dance Moms’ regular starlet is talented, I cannot book Jo-Jo, BUT….I came up with a great idea. This summer I have added two AMAZING new floats for the beach (and yes, Piper the Flamingo is still around if anyone wants to use her too!), and one is a UNICORN!!!!! and the other is a RAINBOW!!!!! I have unicorn headbands, organic and bio-friendly glitter and paper confetti for outdoors, and there will be SPARKLE DRESSES AND TUTU DRESSES in POPS OF COLOR for your kids! (available sizes 1-12/14. For sizes above 14, I will provide options as well!). Featuring Tutu Du Monde dresses, there will be one dress per child, and colors/sizes will vary BUT shades of hot pink, teal, purple and more will be included in the mini session fee. Please bring a bathing suit and towels to change into easily since these will be on the beach. I also have rainbow balloons coming as well!

August 4th, 2019: Marvel-ous Superheroes! Ok boys, where are my little Avengers?!? (and yes, girls can be superheroes too! but I am theming this a little darker with zero sparkle so just FYI. I would totally love to see a little Princess Leia!!). Bring your kids in their capes, costumes, Darth Vader masks and more! Super fun at the beach and I will be “sparking” and lighting up light sabers in Photoshop SO if your little Jedi come with one, I will go above the beyond for these! I have fun Superhero photo props as well for portraits without a costume too!

August 11, 2019: Ice Cream social. I will be setting up a table/chairs set in a grassy park area with jars and bowls of sprinkles, cherries and more! Ice cream pops or cones will be provided. There will be limited spaces for these since we are dealing with cold food and hot temperatures. These are adorable, pastel, and just super great for siblings!

October 13, 2019: Fall Mini Sessions. More details to come but I am announcing this date early since last year’s fall mini sessions booked in three days and this is the season that I get the most requests. I shoot in Lewes, Delaware and pop colors of gold, reds, and warm tones for your portraits. Cozy sweaters, jeans, boots and more, most of the time these portraits end up being on Christmas cards too! I will be putting up a link to book these ahead of time, just FYI.

Please feel free to email me any comments, questions or more! The link to book your slot is: There will be more info including pricing and details. Also….if there are ANY OTHER ideas you may have, PLEASE SHARE! I have two more dates to add more to my calendar JUST FOR YOU!


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