Guess who’s coming back!?

I have been getting some emails in regards to my styled session from last summer that seems to be going around Pinterest like crazy lately. I did an amazing “Let’s Flamingle” themed mini session day in Bethany Beach and then in Avalon, NJ and I was super excited to debut my amazing flamingo float, some fun fashion props and more! Totally tropical, super fun for girls AND boys! My lovely little model for my ads decided to name her Piper, so Piper the Flamingo debuted last summer for a couple of rounds of portraits….and she will be BACK THIS SUMMER! Piper, along with two other top secret floats will be taking trips to the beach this summer…..these fun theme mini sessions will be happening around June so as soon as I am able to post, I will be happy to share. I will be working with a local YUMMY business this summer as well for a delicious fun themed session too! The best part of summer is being able to capture the season’s favorite traditions with fun shoots and saving parents time and money! What would you like to see for a themed session? Star Wars? Watermelons? Lemonade? I am planning on three dates this summer, so shoot me an email or comment below with your idea!


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