Mamas + Magic: Beach Mini Sessions

As I am typing this blog post, I am literally surrounded by tutus, dresses, headpieces. bowties and buckets. I am doing a huge inventory of my props and child apparel pieces for my sessions and I am saying goodbye to some favorites while unwrapping the new. Every new piece that enters my closet is with a huge smile on my face and a squeal. This is what I love to do….capture beautiful families and the moments of childhood, with a simple wave of a wand, a vintage pail vs a plastic bucket, and the little details that make my photography stand out from the rest. Over Christmas break I spent a lot of time deciding what I wanted to do for spring sessions and also Mother’s Day. I usually incorporate the two or do regular sessions, but for some reason this year, I felt that since it’s lucky #7 (year of business), I wanted to make these Mother’s Day mini sessions pure magic. I felt that by offering them at my favorite beaches. you will be able to have the pure joy of motherhood captured when the weather is perfectly warm with a cool breeze. I cannot wait to see the lucky families that have already booked their sessions. I am reserving only eight spots per date, due to sunlight and ten minutes per session. Why ten minutes? I get the BEST smiles. energy. and attention for about ten minutes. especially on the beach, and if you are dressed up. that’s another factor. Kids will be able to sit with their moms (or grandmothers, aunts, whomever!) and enjoy hugs, kisses. twirling in the sand, and more. Every client is captured with the beautiful light of the beach and I edit these portraits with a light, clean, airy feel with a pop of color, whether it’s the water, or the color of your dress. For any person who wants to get their toes in the sand, hand in hand with their little ones. these sessions are definitely for you (while saving money! almost 65% off a full session! what??!). I also get a lot of questions about glitter or confetti, especially for outdoor shoots. Not to worry, I ONLY use bio-degradable and green friendly glitter and confetti for my shoots. There is no need to be doing anything that is harmful to the environment while taking photographs. These are safe and harm-free for beach portraits. If there are any props or ideas that you have that you would like to incorporate for your mini session, let me know! I LOVE making these moments ALL ABOUT YOU!

I am offering rentals of Tutu Du Monde dresses for your girls and they come in a variety of sizes and colors, depending upon what your child loves and also what you are wearing. I work with different labels to make sure that everyone is coordinated and picture perfect. There is nothing like twirling in a tutu!

To book, please head over to the following website: Choose your date/beach option. Times will be given as the date is closer, but they will be approximately an hour to an hour and  a half before sunset.



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