Smile. snap. magic

Growing up, the happiest moments of my life were when I was doing something creative, whether it was cutting out clothing for paper dolls from old "Vogue" magazines, or designing my communion dress in second grade. What's the saying? "I get it from my mama?". Well, it's true. Thanks to my mom who supplied me with endless boxes of crayons, subscriptions to fashion magazines, and buying me polaroid film every week, she saw that I was destined for a future in which I could share my creative talents with the world and all I had to do was find what made me happy. When I began learning photography in college, it not only was just a "course", it was that "YES!" moment in which I knew not only what I wanted to do, but who I wanted to be. As a photographer, there is no greater feeling than making clients happy and giving them memories captured in time to reflect & love for years to come. I love incorporating fashion, especially children's wear into art and adding just a little extra touch of magic, no matter who or where I am photographing. 

What makes All Dolled Up Photography different from other photographers? I believe that as a mom, I understand and know that it's the little moments I capture in-between parents saying "Look at the camera!" that end up being favorites and this world and your home needs frames filled with smiles, snaps, and a lot of magic!